Ett utbud av våra transportmetoder

Vi erbjuder ett brett utbud av fraktmetoder och kan anpassa dem efter era behov

Ingstad & Co is an International Freight- & Customs Broker that offers simple and cost-effective solutions. We do this by having a wide network all over the world of contacts with easy access to several different methods for transporting goods. Among the shipping methods we often use are air freight, road freight, rail transport, sea freight and intermodal shipping methods. 

Our goal is to offer a smooth, safe and efficient shipping solution to help our customers achieve their business goals. We want to be able to help you all the way in the shipping process by handling documents, planning, logistics investigations, packaging, customs and more. Here at Ingstad, we help you with international shipping as well as within Sweden. The following are some of the ways we manage your goods: 

A quick transport by air

One of the fastest transport options available is airfreight . It is useful for transporting important or fragile products as well as for making last minute deliveries. Fast delivery and excellent security are two advantages. For large or heavy items, there will also be high costs and a lack of capacity, which means that many may consider alternative shipping solutions. Although there is a stigma against freight we fly, there are environmentally friendly alternatives that can also be price-effective.

Shipping between continents by sea

The most cost-effective delivery method for large or heavy goods is by sea . Both long-distance travel and transportation of large volumes are suitable for it. The advantages are, among other things, the capacity to move large volumes at lower costs but, on the other hand, have more delivery delays and an increased risk of weather-related damage.

Road freight, a standard solution

This customizable shipping mode enables delivery of goods to virtually anywhere in the world. It is suitable for delivering locally or transporting smaller products. Two of the biggest advantages are cost savings and the possibility of flexible delivery schedules. However, there may be longer delivery times and a greater risk of damage during shipping.

Transport on rail

Transporting goods by rail is both cost-effective and sustainable for the environment. It is suitable for moving large or heavy objects unlike, for example, flying. The advantages of rail transport include reduced prices and often a smaller environmental impact. Same here as with road freight, delivery times are often longer and trains also have limited capacity to distribute to smaller or more remote locations.

Adapted intermodal transport

To transport goods, intermodal shipping methods combine two or more shipping options. The biggest advantage of intermodal shipping methods is the flexibility they provide when it comes to creating routes, delivery time and cost, as well as the ability to more smoothly manage the supply chain and ensure the safety of the goods being transported. Intermodal shipping methods are often used for complex shipping needs and to improve the efficiency and reliability of the delivery process.



Vi tar helhetsansvar för de mest ovanliga transportuppdrag. Allt från paketering till tillstånd som krävs.


Som oberoende fraktmäklare kan vi erbjuda våra kunder de mest kostnadseffektiva flygfrakterna.

Vi har lång erfarenhet av intermodala transporter. Vi kombinerar då metoderna som passar bäst för din transport.

Vi erbjuder järnvägsfrakt där detta är möjligt och om kostnaderna och transporttiderna är gynnsamma.

Vi köper in de mest kostnadseffektiva frakterna direkt från rederier och NVO-operatörer utan att gå via speditörer. 


Vi använder olika åkerier som ger personlig service och möjlighet att följa godsets väg till slutkund.

Behöver du frakta något?

Vi arbetar med alla typer av internationella transporter, har du några frågor kontakta oss gärna!